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Meet Patricia – the How To. Help Me. Show Me. founder whose daughter was diagnosed with Autism at age 3, later followed by a non-verbal and intellectual disability diagnosis.

Like many others, Patricia threw herself into research to explore the world of Autism, understanding her daughter’s diagnosis and what life as the parent of a child with Autism is like.

She decided to take things into her own hands after finding a severe gap in support provided to families and create an app designed from her experience, learnings and what she wished she had access to since her daughter’s initial diagnosis over 10 years ago.

I know that the smallest accomplishment can mean big things to someone with Autism and their family. I want How To. Help Me. Show Me. to be there for every step, big or small.”

– Patricia Capone, How To. Help Me. Show Me. founder

About Our Game

This educational game takes the user through a variety of everyday activities and experiences that are second nature to most but can cause distress to those with Autism, such as brushing your teeth or getting your hair cut.

Presented in simple in step-by-step animations to watch, repeat and understand, the app is a learning tool to communicate how to perform any number of tasks through the visual aids and animated characters, with rewards at the completion of each story.

You can start the How To. Help Me. Show Me. journey together until you’re ready for them to continue independently as they learn through repetition, put new skills into practice at home and accomplish personal goals to become more and more involved in everyday life.

How To. Help Me. Show Me. has the key component of first-hand experience at its core and was created with one thing in mind.

To support anyone with Autism in their life.

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More Than Just A Game

The How To. Help Me. Show Me. game is just the start of something unique that can change someone’s life.

Stay tuned for new game levels, the latest app updates and more from How To. Help Me. Show Me. and our work for people living with Autism and disabilities and those who care for them.

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Our projects are developed with research, understanding and love.

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